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Frequently Asked Questions

Question Can I trade-in any phone?
Answer : Most devices are eligible for trade in, but not all. Enter your IMEI in the search box to find out if your device could be worth something.
Question Can I trade-in more than one device at a time?
Answer : No, each transaction is limited to one device at a time. However, you can complete multiple transactions if you choose. Each transaction will have a unique Quote ID number.
Question How is the value determined for my device?
Answer : The value is determined by the model type and device condition. The value will also be impacted if the device has any account locks (e.g. Find My iPhone or PIN locks). Please refer to the device manufacturer’s advice to remove these.
Question Will I always receive the quoted value?
Answer : Not always. Upon receipt of your device, if we find that your self-assessment was different from that of our trained operatives, we will adjust the price accordingly. You will receive a notification of this adjustment along with details about why the value is different.
Question Do I have to send my SIM card along with my device?
Answer : No, you must remove your SIM card, as these are non-returnable. If a SIM card is still in your device, it will be destroyed immediately upon receipt to protect any personal data.
Question Do I have to provide any proof of purchase for the device I trade in?
Answer : No, but our terms and conditions require you to acknowledge that you are the owner on record of the device and entitled to trade it.
Question Is there a cost for sending my device to you? Is there a cost for sending it back to me?
Answer : Likewize pays for the shipping from your address to our Likewize Facility. If the device is returned to you, there is also no cost to you for the shipment.
Question How do I send my device to you?
Answer : You have two options:
  • 1. Select the recommended option to have a complimentary Return kit shipped to you.
  • 2. Select the option to use your own packaging and print the prepaid shipping label associated with your Quote ID at the end of the transaction. If you choose to use your own packaging, please make sure your device is adequately protected to ensure it is not damaged while in transit.
Question Do I have to send in my device accessories? (charger, cables, etc.)
Answer : No, we do not require the device charger or cable for any devices.
Question How long do I have to send my device to you?
Answer : The quoted value is valid for 14 days and we encourage you to send the device to us within this timeframe to get the maximum value possible. If you require additional time, you have the option to extend the quote for an additional 7 days through the ‘My Account’ section of the Likewize website. If you need assistance, you may contact our customer service team at Email:
Question What if I send my device after the quote expiration?
Answer : If your device is received at the Likewize facility after your quote has expired, you will receive a revised quote for the device based on the current trade-in price and condition of your device.
Question What happens if the final value is different from the original quoted one?
Answer : You will receive a communication advising you of the inspected value and you will have 7 days to accept or reject our revised offer.
Question What happens if I send in a device different from the one for which I received a quote?
Answer : As long as it is an eligible device, you will receive an e-mail offer for the trade in value at the time the device is received and processed in our facility. You will have 14 days to accept or decline the offer.
Question How do I receive my trade-in payment? How long will it take?
Answer : Once your device has been received and assessed, and (if applicable) you have accepted the revised quote, you will receive payment within 48 hours.
Question How can I follow the status of my trade-in?
Answer : You may follow the status of your trade in within the ‘My Account’ section of the Likewize website. You may also contact our customer service team at Email:
Question Can I cancel my trade-in?
Answer : No. Once you send the device to us, you cannot cancel the trade-in. However, should you elect to reject the revised offer based on the condition of the device, the device will be returned to you, free of charge.
Question I received an email saying that my device has been received but I have not received payment within 48 hours, what should I do?
Answer : You may contact our customer service team at
Question Do you keep my information safe and private?
Answer : Yes. All personal information is kept secure and not passed on to any other parties. Please visit Here to view our Privacy Policy.
Question What do you do with my device?
Answer : The used devices are thoroughly checked by a technician to assess their condition. Those in good working order are data cleared, and resold on secondary markets. If the device cannot be economically repaired, it will be recycled in an environmentally responsible way.
Question How do I get additional help with my trade-in?
Answer : You may contact our customer service team at Email:
Question What do I do if my device is damaged or lost during shipping?
Answer : Your device is covered up to a maximum value of £100 per claim should anything to your device whilst being shipped to Likewize. Providing that you have taken the necessary precautions to package the device correctly and used the tracked service. To raise a claim you may contact our customer service team at Email:
Question What if my device has a lost/blocked/stolen marker?
Answer : If your device is registered as 'lost or stolen' the relevant authorities will be notified. Likewize will send you an email as well updating the status within the ’My Account’ section of the Likewize website. If the device is registered incorrectly as 'Lost & Stolen then you may contact our customer service team at Email: where will advise you of what you can do to remove the device from the register.
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Question How do I find the IMEI or Serial Number?
Answer : For all smartphones the quickest way to get your IMEI is by dialing *#06# in your device.
Question If I want my device returned, how is it sent and how long does it take?
Answer : If your device qualifies to be returned we will ship it out within 48 business hours of being notified. Taking into account shipping times you should receive your device within 5 working days.
Question How will you know it is my device?
Answer : When you ship the device to Likewize you need to ensure that you securely attach the 'Customer Coupon' to the outside of the packaging. This coupon contains unique information that enables us to recognize the device with the customer.
Question Is the inspected value the final offer for my device?
Answer : Yes. If you are unhappy with the revised offer then we will return the device back to you free of charge.
Question Can my device be returned to a different address?
Answer : No. If a device needs to be returned we will only be able to return it to the address that was given at the point of transaction.   
Question Where do I need to send my device?
Answer : The device needs to be returned to: LIKEWIZE SERVICES UK LIMITED, BBTI dept., Crewe Logistics Park, Jack Mills Way, Shavington, Crewe, CW2 5XF
Question Do I need to remove screen lock/pin lock?
Answer : Yes, all locks need to be removed from the device prior to shipping to Likewize. We recommend restoring the device back to factory settings which will also erase all personal data. Please ensure you back up your data before restoring the device to factory settings.
Question What do I do if my device is not listed?
Answer : If your device is not listed unfortunately it is not eligible for the trade in program.
Question How long is the inspection process?
Answer : The inspection process is typically completed with 24 hours of receipt of the device.
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